Phase I

            The project “Motor Transport Management Information System” was the pilot Project for integrated Computerization of Motor Vehicle Registrations, Motor Vehicle Examination, Issuance of Route Permits & Fitness Certificates, issuance of driving licenses, enforcement of traffic Rules & Regulations, Automation of Motor Vehicle records and Automation of Criminal Records. The project proved helpful in the following grounds:

¡  Helps reduce hassle, increase transparency and enable fast communication from central database.

¡  Regulating the proper registration of on-road motor vehicles.

¡  Augments E-government efforts through building up integrated Province wide central repository.

¡  Builds back office efficiencies, facilitates better public service delivery to public and supports a service oriented culture in public sector.

¡  Enhancement in Revenue.

¡  Hub for other agencies & users.

            The Phase-I of the project was started for district Lahore, with the original cost of Rs. 106.717 Million in September, 2003 with the gestation period of 18 months, which was revised with the cost exhaustion of Rs. 274.146 Million with gestation period of 35 months. To come up with the needs of the project it has been revised again with the cost of Rs. 299.922 Million having gestation period of 50 months. In order to clear the pending liabilities, the project was revised once again with the cost of Rs. 261.655 Million having gestation period of 65 months, ending on 31st of December, 2008. Following were the stake holders of this phase:

¡  Excise & Taxation Department

¡  Transport Department

¡  Driving Licensing Authority

¡  Environment Protection Department

¡  Criminal Record Office

Phase II

             After the successful lunch of the first Phase of the project the Chief Minister of the Punjab desired to extend the scope of the project through out the Punjab Province. Project profile is as follows:

Project Cost                       :          517.236 Million

Project Start Date               :          1st September 2007

Project End Date                :          30th September 2011

Project Area                       :          All the 36 Districts of the Punjab

Sponsoring                        :          Excise & Taxation Department

Execution                          :          Information Technology Department

Operation & Maintenance :         1.  Excise and Taxation Department

                                                     2.  Information Technology Department

           Currently, the project have been successfully implemented in all over the Punjab.

           As the part of the project, the Central Facility (CFMTMIS) has been set up, which served as the central hub of information as well as provide state of the art facilities for embossing and hot-stamping of retro-reflective registration plates. The CFMTMIS have been connected with all the district’s Excise offices of the Punjab, through VPN connectivity. Moreover, Excise & Taxation Department, Transport Department, Driving Licensing Authority, Environment Protection Department and Criminal Record Offices of the Lahore district have been connected through wireless.

            The vision behind the creation of the CFMTMIS is to provide a central management of the province wide data, collected from each stake holder department and to provide a central printing of Retro-reflective Registration Plates. The registrations of vehicles are being handled at the district level. Providing specialized training and specialized hardware to each district would have been an enormous task with a much higher price tag as compared to providing these facilities from a central location serving the various districts of the Punjab Province. The CFMTMIS is serving as the central facility which not only reduced the cost of the project but it improves the manageability of the data with a lower human resource.